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New projects we are undertaking this Autumn:-


  • Waterford Fire Station -The highly impressive looking and state-of-the-art Waterford Fire Station is now complete and A&A Quinn Roofing were the preferred Roofing Contractors retained by Duggan Bros. We completed the Zinc Roof approx. 4,000 m2, the Flat Roofing System by Soprema Ireland measuring another 1,000 m2 and the Aluminium Cladding & Pillars by Alupress were also fitted by A&A Quinn Roofing. 
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  • James O'Keefe Memorial Foundation - Cork 600m2 of Zinc Roof


  • National University of Galway - 120m2 of Zinc Cladding for Rhatigans Construction


  • Fr Scully House - Gardiner Street, Dublin
    Copper Claddin Works for Collen Construction


  • Wexford General Hospital

    We are currently working on 3000 m2 of Paralon Build Up. We are working on this project with the main contractor Rhatigan Construction and materials supplier Moy Materials


  • Private Dwelling – Killiney

    Zinc and PVC Works

PVC, Cooper, Zinc, Aluminium Roofing Cladding

Spark testing

This is relatively new to the market, this is a system that enables inspectors to check a roof for pinholes and porosity quickly and effectively. Non-conductive membranes (up to a maximum thickness of 26mm) can be tested. For the test to be effective, the membrane must have a conductive backing.


This test is an electronic integrity test, as frequently called up on Architects specifications. However, for existing buildings, a spark test will accurately identify any holes (from almost invisible pinholes, right up to larger holes). We can survey your roof, identify problems and submit a written report – if this might be of interest, just give us a call.


We are offer this service to other roofing contractors and builders the option of a spark test.  Our machine is capable of detecting even the smallest pin hole in either PVC, Built-up Bituminous roofing or asphalt. Upon Completion of a test a report is issued to the client.